Floral Wool Embroidered Belts

Each belt is hand made by women's cooperatives in rural areas of Peru, they are fair trade, one-of-a-kind works of beautiful craftsmanship using a contemporary take on traditional Andean techniques.

The sizing is: small (fits 23"-31"), medium (fits 28"-37") and large (fits 34"-43").

Base colors are Cream, Black, Brown, Cranberry, Blue, Purple, and Olive. Embroidery is multi-colored with a large palette of blues, greens, purples, reds, oranges, pinks. Order by style number and size.

    All Belts • $78
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(JKK-1 - Cream) Size


(JKK-2 - Black) Size

(JKK-3 - Brown) Size


(JKK-4 - Cranberry) Size


(JKK-5 - Citron) Size


(JKK-6 - Blue) Size


(JKK-7 - Purple) Size


(JKK-8 - Olive) Size